Learn through a historic deck

The Cannabis Tarot® is an internationally-known deck housed in multiple museums including the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museums, and honored as part of the MIT Distinctive Collection since 2019.

Receive valuable ancient knowledge that NO OTHER TAROT OFFERS and discover what makes the Cannabis Tarot® so magical to people from around the world!

Exclusive Offerings

Beautiful Existence (B3) - otherwise known as The Cannabis Medium, is a Ph.D. researcher of the ineffable & a leading voice within the cannabis community featured on High Times, Broccoli, SKUNK Magazine and many major media outlets.

Your Cannabis Tarot® Apprenticeship offers extensive wisdom from multiple lineages through B3's Ph.D. research & teachings.

Becoming a member of the Cannabis Tarot® community not only opens up exclusive web3-DAO voting, but could also extend into media and event opportunities.

Grow your cannabis business with a top trademarked & copyrighted cannabis brand that is backed by its Ph.D. creator!

Understanding Bibliomancy

The Cannabis Tarot® Oraculum is a significant part of the magical lineage!

Learn the rich history of this bibliomancy tool through Madame Lenormand's work with Napoleon Bonaparte & his wife Josephine, and learn about the ancient wisdom inside from pantheons to planets that expands your Cannabis Tarot® readings with knowledge that NO OTHER TAROT OFFERS!

Welcome to the Cannabis Tarot® Community!

The Cannabis Tarot® creator, Beautiful Existence (B3), welcomes you in this video and goes over the Cannabis Tarot® community, the various wisdom & tools that are continually sourced and channeled to help you expand cannabis plant & medicine knowledge, as well as the various opportunities to look forward to by joining our internationally-known trademarked & copyrighted cannabis brand.

Be part of the Podcast

Join The Academic Oracle hosts & Beautiful Existence to discuss your work in Tarot, Astrology, Clairs, divinations, the ineffable and parasciences as a Cannabis Tarot® community member!

Our Cannabis Tarot® Apprenticeship includes:

  • Powerful Video Lectures from B3 about the Cannabis Tarot®, Oraculum, Cannabis Plant Spirit Connection, and the ancient Cannabis Plant Chakras
  • Easy-to-Complete Downloadable PDF Worksheets
  • Special Audio segments from B3 that extend knowledge even further
  • Social Sharing for a "Mini-NFT" (POAP) upon Apprenticeship completion
  • Quizzes to reflect on how much you have learned & how to expand further

After this Apprenticeship you will be able to:

Hold a Cannabis Tarot® reading successfully, expand your practice with cannabis, become a part of our community, receive exclusive offerings, apply to collaborate with - as well as utilize our copyrighted & trademarked brand for your tarot readings.


How long will the Apprenticeship take?

We have streamlined the wisdom of our Apprenticeship into easy, weekly modules that are informative, yet simple to see results from, and complete. How long this virtual, asynchronous course takes is up to you.

How will I know I've completed the Apprenticeship?

We have provided step-by-step instructions for you to not only know when you have completed a module but when you are getting close to Apprenticeship completion!

What can I look forward to with my Cannabis Tarot® Apprenticeship?

Besides being able to publicly use our trademarked & copyrighted deck and brand in your tarot readings, you will have many options to participate in our community, as well as continually extend your cannabis knowledge, such as... voting rights, exclusive offerings & workshops with B3, private memberships, NFTs, and more!